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Excel Industrial Packings is now known as a premier manufacturer and supplier unit of an exclusive range of Insulation and Sealing Products . We have acquired a high position amongst our contemporaries in the market due to the unique attributes of our products.

Our manufacturing unit uses state of the art manufacturing techniques and are equipped with up to date testing facilities to provide good quality products to our customers. Continuous Improvement programmes and constant interaction between management and people at various levels has created a team of highly motivated professionals.

Each of our products are designed using high quality metals acquired from rich ores maintaining purity and high standards of quality. We provide customised approach applied to our products to fit their specific need with proficiency . All our services are aimed at providing economical and qualitative options to our clients.

We always aim to set new milestones while maintaining qualitative features of our products which enable us to successfully cater to the needs of clients. Quality is our major concern; therefore we undertake stringent quality checks for every category of products with help of a highly experienced technical team.

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Our Motto

“Every Customer Must Be A Satisfied Customer”
With this in mind, we channelize all our energies towards making the above a success.

The entire range of our industrial & engineering products are acknowledged for peak performance and providing optimum output in various industrial applications.

Some of the salient features of our products are as follows:

* High efficiency
* Low cost maintenance
* Consistent output
* Easy fitting
* High chemical & temperature resistant
* Corrosion & abrasion resistant
* Leak proof
* Thermal insulated

The aforementioned qualitative features of our products have made inroads in the industry which has enabled us to maintain constant move to develop by leaps and bound in trading business.

Why Choose Us

Our Infrastructure

We have developed an excellent industrial facility within our premises, which is equipped with modern infrastructure , high-tech machinery and equipments that produce impeccable products using advanced mechanical and chemical procedures while ensuring an environmental edge throughout . All of the departments within our organisation are strategically positioned to ensure easy flow of communicative functioning and production on a large scale basis in a regularised manner. Our state of the art manufacturing division skilfully crafts each product to avoid leakage and maintain heat resistant properties. We further ensure safe and tamper-proof packaging, which adds assurance of safe delivery to our clients at all times.

Our Team Of Experts

We have nurtured and maintained a viable team of industry experts. Our team comprises of members having years of profound experience in the industry and firm understanding of the dynamics of market trends and clients’ demands. Our team forms the backbone of our organisation which has enabled us to successfully cater to the needs of our clients for industrial and engineering products.
We work alongside an experienced team of individuals who work round the clock to ensure a qualitative standard of production. Each employee within our various departments ensures that the overall production requirements are met through functional flow of work and coordinated efforts in planning. Our engineering professionals come up with innovative techniques and ideas to improve the outflow of services to our clients on a standardised level.

Vendor Base

Over a period of time, we have successfully developed an affluent vendor base. We have maintained immaculately strong and cordial business relations with our vendors . All our vendors are renowned and well-established in their industry for providing only high quality products. Our procurement experts and marketing personnel remain in consistent touch with these vendors in order to continuously update their information on their part. This enables them to approach these vendors at right time through right channel for procurement of desired products.
Further, we have appointed our representative at various strategic locations across the country which enables them to have easy access to our respected vendors. This also enables them to understand their position which further facilitates smooth and flawless sourcing and supply of demanded products

Our Quality Assurance

primary focus of EIP is to meet customer requirements and to strive to exceed customer expectations. since our inception, quality has been the paramount objective . We Maintain strict quality checks at all the levels of the production process and constantly work to develop products with improved features such as :High Efficiency, Longer Shelf Life and Low Cost Maintenance. every single component no matter how insignificant, is thoroughly inspected to see that it matches the proper specifications. Quality checks are conducted at all levels of our Manufacturing Chain- in source material, products, processes, and most importantly, the involvement of our people. We ensure quality of the source of raw material by procuring it from reputed and approved suppliers
, each of the raw material that we procure is selected after extensive testing and assurance to ascertain a high level of purity. The manufacturing process takes care of impeccably creating our products as per exact dimensional requirements and proportions to ensure that the end product conforms to the specifications. Our quality testing division further tests our products for redundancies and inaccuracies to eliminate faulty products from reaching our clients. The end product is also put through rigorous tests so as to guarantee sustained performance. Today, our strong emphasis on quality, backed by a highly competent technical team, has enabled us to establish a successful track record in nurturing long term relationships with highly reputed companies.

Industries We Cater To

Taking into consideration the requirements of our clients, we have designed our collection of industrial and engineering products in such a manner that it enables us to successfully cater to the needs of various industries. Some of the industries are as follows:

  • Engineering Industry
  • Heat Exchanger, Pressure vessel Manufacturers
  • Chemical Process Industry
  • Thermal Power Stations
  • Aviation Industry
  • Cement Plant
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Cement Manufacturing Units
  • Pump & Valve Manufacturers
  • Chemical industry
  • Railways
  • Electrical industry
  • Textile industry
  • Dyeing Units
  • Ship building Industry
  • Defence

We are consistently working on covering more industries apart from the aforementioned by adding more products to our range , the entire range of our industrial & engineering products can be viewed in detail in our products

Our Distribution Network

Trading is a business which comprises of two significant phases; first, sourcing right product and secondly supplying those products to the right clients. We have a very rich , wide and strong vendor base as the source for our precision engineered industrial products, while for supply of those products, we have developed a wide distribution network which is maintained in such a way that enables us to secure deliverance of each of our consignment within the stipulated timeframe to the described destination . Through our well-maintained distribution network, we have established our presence at every corner of India.
Further, we have maintained feasible and transparent distribution management which always strives to listen to the needs of clients and also their suggestions that result in total client satisfaction. We have made sufficient arrangements for delivery of consignments to clients by making tie-ups with adept freight forwarding companies . It is immensely vital for all of us at Eip with Excel to understand our client’s needs and work towards client satisfaction by ensuring to do a good job, the first time, every time.

After-sales Service

We offer cost competitive after sales services that include proper installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment to guarantee trouble free production. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals has been posted to attend customer calls at any given time. Our team ensures that each of our manufactured products functions efficiently with minimum maintenance.
We provide dedicated Customer Service to monitor safe and timely delivery of products and services to our customers and channel partners. Also observe and review any emergency customer requirements and are well equipped to go out of the way to support those emergencies.

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